Friday, July 31, 2009

Many ways to travel

Only a short post and might be a gap before the next one as off on a long weekend.

So far have travelled by walking, tube, train, car, plane, bus, ferry boat, tractor and am hoping to add bike and dinghy!

However even after all that travel haven't escaped the rain.

Oh the joys of a British summer!

Update - yup, now list is: walking, tube, train, car, plane, bus, ferry boat, tractor, dinghy (Wayfarer) and bike.


O Docker said...

I'm always amazed that the British have been such proponents of bike touring, given their soggy weather.

I think I mentioned in a previous comment that my first long bike trip was through England, Ireland, and Wales.

All of the rest have been on the sunny side of the channel, and, as Robert Frost said, that has made all of the difference!

Try the Italian lakes as a starter. Mamma Mia!

JP said...

Britain is probably a good place to bike as everything is quite close together and villages are "a nice ride" away from horse back days.

And the all-weather attitude comes from the sad reality that if you only do a sport (walking, biking, sailing) on a dry day you'll be severely handicapped!

Luckily today is lovely sunny day - makes a nice change :)

Pat said...

A Scottish family once came to New Mexico for a year on a scientific exchange between British and American scientific laboratories.

After a week or two in the States, they were utterly exhausted and near collapse.

The reason?

Back in the U.K., they took every opportunity to take a ramble or some other exercise whenever a "bright interval" favored them.

But in sunny New Mexico, there were rather a lot of bright intervals. So, Andrew and family were exercising far more often than accustomed, and that, along with perhaps a touch of jet lag and lack of acclimation to high altitude, left them all (well exercised) wrecks.

Some moderation was prescribed.

Carol Anne said...

Actually, it wasn't a mere "bright interval" that would send Andrew and family on a ramble; it was a "fine day." However, New Mexico has so many of those, they did get exhausted.