Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Scenes through a Sunsail Window

The comment from Navionics about suggestions and ideas for updates to their iPhone charting application has got all sorts of mental cogs wizzing away, with sketches of screens, interactions, fields, parameters, etc etc to make it just what any offshore sailor would want, but alas these are still at the moment scribbles in a day book.

So today will just post these three pictures, which I'm calling Scenes through a Sunsail Window.

Basically while on holiday in Greece I'd look out of the little window each morning, and sometimes like the picture above we'd be moored all by ourselves and so just see the sea.

Other times we'd be moored stern too with other boats so could see them:

While at Skopelos was woken at dawn by this great big ferrry!


Suicide Green said...

We went on that boat, we saw that boat every day!! We also went on the Daliana which our taxi driver told us was the worst boat in Greece, infact he said "That bloody boats, he is crrap!! Slowest bloody boats in all the islands of Grreece." We went on superfast 1 too and Raffy threw up. We prefer the Cyclades. ... xx

JP said...

Alas poor Raffy :(

You should gone by sail boat instead - much nicer motion than that horrid fast ferry.