Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Seeing a Man about Not Sailing

I have been getting these emails, tempting me.

No, not those sorts of emails. They come from one of the clubs I'm a member of announcing opportunities to sail, journeys coming up, races entered etc.

And today there was this one announcing there is a last minute drop-out by someone who was to do the Fastnet this year and hence there is a crew place available. And there was another email about the Mid Sea race later on, in October.

They would both be fab!

Alas by a sad misfortune for both weeks I have work commitments that can not be re-arranged (visitors from outside the EU, visas, letters to embassies etc).

But this evening felt had to go drop to say hello and sorry wish could go off racing and maybe next time.....

On the way back spotted the Bateaux London trying to could squeeze itself under Hammersmith Bridge. It inched its way upstream, but it was just that bit too high, so it was back up river for it and its dining passengers.

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