Monday, August 30, 2010

Bank Holiday Weather

It's been a Bank Holiday weekend here, and as expected the weather has been all over the place, with at times furious winds and driving rain.

Now as the long weekend draws to a close the wind had dropped and its a fine evening promising a lovely week.... when of course we'll all be back at work.

Note for those checking photo's attributes you'll spot that these pictures are actually of clouds on other days but they'll give you an idea of how its been.


Carol Anne said...

Next weekend is the big holiday in the U.S., and the prediction for New Mexico is great weather, sunny but not too hot, now through Thursday, with rain moving in Friday and staying through Monday.

JP said...

Hope you have ok weather and don't get hit by that hurricane blowing in off the Atlantic.

Baydog said...


Carol Anne said...

We're so far inland that by the time any hurricane gets to New Mexico, it's lost nearly all of its wind, and what's left is an unusually heavy rain. That's something we generally appreciate. None of the current storms is remotely likely to get anywhere near -- they're all heading north while they're still pretty far east.

OTOH, it does look like Baydog is in for less-than-pleasant conditions.