Thursday, August 19, 2010

Green and tasty

I think I've spotted something about water sport related blogs: there are oft posts on the environment and cooking.

From Tillerman's posts on BP's escaping oil to Bonnie's flowers of Hawaii, and from Baydog's ever so tasty recipes to O'Docker's description of Red Java House the same themes come up again and again.

Maybe its natural given what we do. What better to build up a hunger than to go out into the fresh air and exercise? How else to see how we are polluting our fair planet than going out on its waters?

I'm not sure that (say) music blogs would have the same sub-texts - I'd guess it would more likely be fashion and celebs.

Of course seeing this connection might be another symptom of that bang to the brain - so what do you think?


Tillerman said...

Interesting observation. I must admit I started writing the odd post on the environment a few years ago because I do see a strong connection between a love of sailing (using natural resources of wind and waves, enjoying being out in pristine natural environments) to a desire to protect our environment. And one sailor whom I met through the blog, and who is a much more committed environmental advocate than I am, encouraged me to continue.

I don't know why the food thing is so strong in our little niche. Of course Baydog is in the food business. And many of our blogging friends seem to enjoy cooking too. My wife is a keen vegetable gardener and accomplished cook but I don't think I contribute to the food theme very much. Unless you count my posts on Uncrustables and Bananas!

Baydog said...

Food is one of the most important things that all humans have in common. Everyone must eat and most people enjoy doing so. I don't find it unusual at all that our niche, of which I am proud to be a part, is enthusiastic about food and cooking. I really get a kick out of everyone's take on the food posts and love hearing about all of their favorites.

Being outdoors definitely boosts the appetite. My girls eat all day long when they're on the boat!

Tillerman said...

Sailing give me an appetite for beer on some days and margaritas on others. Very strange. Today it's margaritas. I think I'll go to bed now.

robert.ditterich said...

I agree wholeheartedly with your premise. Maybe the blogosphere is populated by thoughtful people who appreciate's hard to be thoughtful nowadays without also being a little bit worried (about the environment as much as other issues). Personally I find boats to be a blessed relief from worrying. In fact I wrote a typically verbose post on that in the last few weeks,

Doc Häagen-Dazs said...

Baydog, I thought of you last night. No Kidding! No Kidding at all!

I was out with Trophy Wife for our anniversary dinner. (Don't even bother asking which one!) And it came to me how much I hate food! (Should have had my camera with me and I could be plating you right now, huh!) It seems to me the older people get, the less stuff they can do, with the conspicuous exception of eating. The older people get, the more they live for eating. Think about that.

Anyway, I loved my dinner with Trophy Wife. (You can't hope for better company!) But all that shellfish, tri-tips, sushi, and pastry disgusted me.

And I just wanted you to know that I thought of you at the time......

Baydog said...

Happy Anniversary, Doc. I'm hoping that they were good thoughts of me while hating food?!

JP said...

Congrats to Doc and his wife!

... though not entirely clear whether that's more than one anniversary or wife - but anyhow: congrats!

I suppose there's also a similarity in the competitive side, to sail that bit faster or to learn how to cook that bit better, though that analogy totally fails when it comes to the environment.

Anyhow, I'm sure there'd bit a lot good sea stories around a table of water sport bloggers.

JP said...

Oh the pic by the way comes from the Eden Project

Carol Anne said...

When I set forth my blog challenge of the Waterbloggers' Food Tour, I discovered that there is a strong green influence in the food. The suggestions that came in were overwhelmingly food that was very fresh, and that was prepared in a low-impact, healthful manner.

So I believe that there is a connection -- sailing and being green and eating well do all go together.

O Docker said...

I think Carol Anne is right.

There has always been a connection between sailing and being green. On one Farallones race, I was green all of the way out to the islands. On that day, I returned to the sea much of the bounty it had given me the night before.

It is a day I shall never forget.

JP said...

Good for you O'Docker, recycling is a virtue.

And it's important to only put organic, bio-degradable material into the oceans ;)