Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Fowey Classics 2010 Race 1 Results

The official Fowey Classics 2010 web site still seems to be down so there might be some who are interested in the results, starting with the Triangulation Race.

The course, you won't be surprised to learn, was a triangle. What was surprising was that we didn't race in classes but groups, which were basically the list of boats split into four roughly equal sized collections.

So you raced against boats completely different to you. Just to make things more complex the different classes had different courses though all within the same group started at the same time.

I think this was something to do with the "ethos" of the event, though we couldn't understand how sailing Aeolus against dinghies having to go a fraction of the distance plus adjusting the time would give comparable numbers.

Anyhow here are the other scorecards (mostly tweaked iThing pics apart from the last where the output was blurred so used the proper camera which blasted a bit with its flash):

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