Tuesday, August 03, 2010

This Eden

The Fowey Classics 2010 events only kick-off this evening so we had today spare, and I took the opportunity to pop over to the nearby Eden Project. And it was absolutely spectacular.

Luckily I arrived just after it opened at 10 am so was able to go round the Tropical Biome with relative ease. When I tried again at 11.30 it felt a bit like rush hour tube, so if you want to visit, come early. This is particularly the case on rainy days (as it was) as the crowds as one will be thinking "what can we do that is indoors?"

Of course the tropical zone is very hot and humid so you will get a bit damp there, and if you have children you can expect a host of questions on the lines of "why is it so hot here?"

It all felt very space colony like and sort of reminded me of the Venezuelan rain forest, though not that much as the Orinoco delta is much wetter and flatter and the zone had flora from many places from Africa to Indonesia.

I did think to make it more authentic they could serve live termites in the cafe but alas had to make do with a cappuccino. I should have put that in the suggestion box!

But apart from the termite free cafe there was little to fault: a spectacular site very well done.

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