Sunday, August 15, 2010

Thames Stories

More from the quiet weekend, and this time its from the interweb.

While surfing around found a whole series of short stories on the BBC London web site about the Thames, including on this page about:
- the barrier and flood risks
- discovery of something on the river bed
- the SS Robin
- passenger travel
- houseboat communities

Also there are links to stories about artist by the Thames, life as a mudlark, pictures of river life, and finally keeping crime off the river.

I'm sure that London and the Thames together are a rich vein of themes for writers and images for artists, though I don't know the story behind the picture above. Two police boats and a lifeboat, all of which arrived at maximum speed, plus out of sight a police helicopter orbiting over their heads.

But I fear the worse.

Life in London has, as it has during many centuries past, its dark corners as well as bright lights and sunsets over the river.

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