Monday, January 09, 2012

Buff supports Puma!

G'day all! Buff Staysail here! Buff by name and Buff by nature!

Thanks to Tillerman for pointing out that the previous post could be misinterpreted. Yours truly is a huge fan of all things Puma-ic and has spotted one amazing opportunity for Puma - or indeed any other forward looking media aware sailing organisation.

Look at my track record - word craftsman extraordinaire. But of course today's multi-media facebooked flickred twitpic needs more - yes a picture tells a thousand words, or of course in my case maybe a bit less, say a hundred or so.

So how about this: blogger, journo legend Buff Staysail together with a photographer - but who? This is where a light went off in ol' Buff's head - how about O'Docker? He's the guru on lunar photography, photoshopping, you name it

What a team - Buff Staysail and O'Docker, let loose in the bars and taverns of Abu Dhabi!!!

Bring it on!!

This is Buff Staysail, back on the bounce, waiting for that call!!


Tillerman said...

Well done Buff. You have to suck up to the sponsors if you want to score one of these cool expenses-paid trips. I suggest that you and O Docker write a few reviews about running marathons in Puma running shoes... or something like that. Just make it up. All the other hipster bloggers do.

O Docker said...

Forget Puma, Buff. Do you really want anything to do with some wussy shoe company?

Go for the gold! I hear Groupama is sending their own team of bloggers and think what the freebie press goodie bags must be like from a bank! I'm sure you could make some subtle adjustments to your style to accomodate the corporate types at a sober and responsible French financial institution.

Well, on second thought, I wonder if Foster's is sending any bloggers to the Volvo.

Baydog said...

Sober and French in the same sentence?

Do monks like sailboat racing? I could see myself on the Chimay junket.

bonnie said...


Buff Staysail said...

Well friends, thanks for the support, Buff's raising his glass to you!!

As you will see from the latest post I've been inspired by your comments and done some thinking.

And it worked - big brain Buff has had an idea!!!