Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A January sail, not the January sales

About a year ago my sailing chum Tristan, aka the Natural Navigator, invited me for a weekend sailing, but in the end the boat was covered about a foot deep with snow so we went for a walk (trans. hike) instead.

Last weekend there was another invite but this time the weather was much more favourable so we had no trouble getting on the water for a great sail to St. Catharine's Point.

Sailors like to know the facts, so here goes:
Temperatures: 10ish - we didn't need gloves
Wind: NW - W, force 4 - 7
Sea state: some swell from the SW, especially when wind against tide (see pic above)

There was no rain, let alone snow or sleet, and yet we were pretty much the only boat out there.

On the way back we saw Jupiter and Venus, plus a near full moon, useful for navigating up a wiggly channel with only a few lit buoys.


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