Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Skiing in Flaine

The weekend's ski trip was to the resort of Flaine, about an hour and a half's bus journey from Geneva.

It is not an attractive resort, a relic from the 1970's school of concrete brutalism. But the setting is great - a "natural amphitheatre" like bowl surrounded by ice capped mountains, and spectacular views from the top.


Tillerman said...

Hope you had a good time. We went there with the kids in the 1980's. Totally agree with your description!

JP said...

Flaine is my favourite of the near Geneva ski resorts.

Did you do the "les cascades" run that goes 14 km from the top above Flaine all the way to Salvagny?

It looks amazing though not entirely sure how to get back.

Tillerman said...

I don't recall doing that. We didn't do any runs that required a shuttle back to the base.