Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Olympic rings on the Thames

Yesterday I was on my way between meetings (*) when I saw these five interlinked rings on a barge on the Thames by the Tower of London and Tower Bridge.

Not just that there was also a helicopter circling overhead and the fire boat was pumping two lovely arcs of water over the scene. Alas I was slightly out of iPhone camera range so I decided to proceed directly to the second meeting (**).

By the time the second meeting had finished (***) alas the barge and its rings had disappeared but one didn't have to be a rocket scientist to work out what it might all mean.

Apparently they were due to start at Battersea Bridge but plans were cancelled due to "tidal flow". Ah, if only there had been a way to predict these things in advance!

(*) ok maybe one meeting and a "networking opportunity"

(**) ok, ok, this was indeed held in a pub by the river

(***) after much useful work was discussed, honest!

Photo from: Metro web site


O Docker said...

I'm thinking the story of what the 'games' have become is told in the £930,000 price tag for the Olympic rings themselves.

Or maybe it's the 'floating opera' that will be produced by Terry Jones.

JP said...

Not a bad idea - could you email it to the Olympic's opening / closing ceremony team?

They've been worrying that it won't be in the same scale as the Beijing Olympics!

Anonymous said...

Did you see any freaky cyclops types hanging around?

Strangest mascots since Atlanta.

O Docker said...

It's already on the bill !

(Sorry, thought this warranted an exclamation, mark. I'll try to be more careful in the future.)

JP said...


(Buff is of course very keen on exclamation marks)

JP said...

And no, didn't see those weird mascots.

I've no idea what's behind them - hopefully not a sign of what's to come in the opening / closing ceremonies