Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Finding things - updated

The weather's been great recently and along with what felt like most of SW London I've been pounding along the Thames path.... and yet again found something interesting.

I'm not that observant, honest, and have even run past friends who swear they yelled out. But lets add up the list: a gun, two mobile phones, a cashpoint card, some cash and a watch.

This time it was something Apple related, so I thought they must know who registered it and have an email, so I booked a tech support call. Alas they regretted that they couldn't help and suggested the local police.

Fair point, so I turned up on Saturday morning at the local Police Station, to find it was closed. This being the 21st C. the Met. have an email system so off flew a little message.

No reply.

I also did a Google of the device name and found a sport club which denied all knowledge.

So if you've lost an iSomething on the tow path email me! Just say what type, model, size, colour and your name and a confess to a couple of the more embarrassing tracks asap.

Though why Apple don't have a return to owner option on their web site escapes me.


Diogenes said...

JP, I've been trying to locate someone like you for some time now. Could you e-mail me when you have a chance?

Jeremiah said...

Situation urgent.

Please contact me ASAP.

JP said...

Nice tries - just answer the questions first

Tillerman said...

IPod Nano, 5th generation, 16G, purple.

My real name is Cornelius Entwhistle and two of the tracks are Rod Stewart's Do Ya Think I'm Sexy and Mr. Hanky, The Christmas Poo from South Park.

JP said...

Sorry Cornelius, wrong wrong wrong

Towpath Tonya said...

Oh, do keep the iThing, luv - my little gift to you - no need to involve the bobbies.

But please be a dear and delete all the contact names with an 'MP' entry, and pay no mind to the 'preferences' notes next to each one. Don't know how I'd manage without everything backed up to the cloud.

JP said...

Towpath Tonya: you're wrong wrong wrong you bad bad girl ;)

JP said...

Towpath Tonya: I recently spotted a black lacy knicker abandoned on the Thames Path: have you been a naughty girl again?

And no, that I don't have.