Saturday, March 31, 2012

Film review: The Pirates! In an adventure with scientists

Aha me hearties, 'tis movie pieces of eight, so it be!!

Talk yea not of the hunger games, compared to this 'tis as dead as a dodo - or Polly as we call her!

Be there grog? I hear someone ask - me think that be O'Docker's croak. Aye, there be grog lad, barrels of it.

Be there wenches? Aye, Tillerman, for I know yon voice, there be the surprisingly curvaceous pirate and Queen Vic as you've never seen yon lass before.

There also be pirates, and the greatest pirate of them all, the PIRATE CAPTAIN!!! Arrrrr!!!!

His crew be a mottling gang, including the pirate with a scarf, Peg Leg (*), and the pirate with gout (ouch) but also a Blue Peter badge, aha!!

Me hearties 'tis entertainment through and through, aye, 'tis so, upon my word.

'Tis also educational as you learn how Mr Charles Darwin came up with his BIG IDEA and why he grew a beard. You also learn the benefits of travelling by airship (you can look down lady's tops).

Aha, 'tis a masterpiece, and starts with an aaaah-awesome example of stern-to mooring, aye, that it does.

Five gold doubloons stars, aha me hearties, yes it be!!!

(*) not this Peg Leg


Tillerman said...

Be there knitting?

JP said...

There be knitting here.