Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The great London Easter Egg hunt

One of the fun things about living in London is there's always something new going on. This Easter its Eggs.

Aha, you're probably thinking, nothing very new about that. But these are not your average chocolate treats, these are artist creations, large and there are two hundred of them dotted around the capitol.

What's more there's a prize of a real Faberge egg to the lucky winner worth £ 100k made of 18 carat gold with sixty gems in it. Every time you find one you text in a code or follow a QR link and you'll be one closer to the "Diamond Jubilee Egg".

Despite finding several.....

... (actually they are quite hard to miss)....

... I have not been entering. I am not good at finding things.

Incidentally two were actually stolen but then recovered, which is a just as well as the aim of the project is actually to raise money for charity and therefore is a good thing.

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