Monday, March 05, 2012

My other yacht is Alinghi

Its the time of year when those with boats (*) are thinking of what repairs might need to be done to get their pride and joy (**) ship shape for another season of boating.

However for those in the 0.01% then the question is more likely to be what boat shall we buy this year?

If you are in the billionaires club then you don't want to be stuck with last year's tub at a mere 47m but instead upgrade to something a bit more respectable, as in the example above.

This is America's Cup tycoon Ernesto Bertarelli and his wife, ex Miss UK Kirsty Bertarelli, latest plaything on its way to the Caribbean last Friday.

The Vava II is a six decked yacht and at 96m just over twice the length of the previous one but cost a whopping £ 100 m and just filling her with fuel sets you back £250,000.

Yacht owning is an expensive business.

(*) and are in the northern hemisphere
(**) or whatever you call her

Picture from: Metro news site


Tillerman said...

I had to replace a fraying cunningham line on my Laser this week. Now she's all ready for another season. Life is good.

O Docker said...

I'll bet he never fills the tank, but just sloshes in a few thousand gallons to make it through the weekend.

JP said...

I suspect it would be used as a floating hotel from which he goes racing.

The fuel tank doubles up as Switzerland's strategic fuel reserve.

And as to the Cunningham line - why can't he replace his own line? (boom boom)

Alejandra said...

Switzerland's strategic fuel reserve... it's nice to start Tuesday with a laugh

JP said...

Good to hear that, Alejandra :)