Sunday, April 01, 2012

Buff comes clean

G'day all! Buff Staysail here! Buff by name and Buff by nature!

Ok, there's something I've got to get off my chest. Thing is, this JP character is made up!

That's right, he's a figment of ol' Buff's fertile imagination.

It seems that it's just O'Docker that worked this out though surely it was obvious. I mean JP is too square to be real. And unlike Buff he doesn't even own a sail boat!!

But what does Buff own? I hear you ask.

Well have a look at the beauty above. I'm not sure what first attracted Buff to this day boat but she sure looks like a stunner! And you can see my lovely GF Natasha sunbathing on the stern!

This Captain Buff, for real, over and out!!


Noodle said...

Looks like a Brenta. Can we please have a shot with Buff on board? And in the 33 with a normal tiller. Pretty please?

JP said...

It is indeed a B-yacht: that's B for Buff and B for Brenta!!

It's a B38 that Buff selected based purely on the image in the catalogue.

Alas no pictures of Buff sailing as he's behind on payments so they reclaimed it. Also he's gone off in the wood cutting down trees for his next project.