Wednesday, November 20, 2013

I'll wait until I've seen another of the Dimbleby programs before commenting but in the previous blog I commented that Aunty Beeb really ought to have a regular show about all things boating.

Maybe that's harking to an old day, for the new modern way surely is to have niche programming not with the traditional broadcasters but on distribution channels such YouTube. However recently I've also found one on Catchup TV.

Catchup TV is the badly named service to stream live TV in the UK to browsers and smartphones and at its core are the Freeview channels of the terrestrial broadcasters.

But there are also some specialised channels such as Sail.TV that as you might expect has nothing but yachts and dinghies getting wet and wild.

Of course there's a lot of repeats and programs you might have seen before (America's Cup anyone) or could see on YouTube (er, same again, and above).

But for those days when you are stuck at home with a lurgy (which no doubt will come at some point if the freezing weather currently smiting blighty continues) it could be a nice distraction for an hour or two until you've looped all round their shows for the current month.

I have feeling that Buff Staysail would approve of this new trend and ask for me to plug his very own Queensland Community TV's America's Cup show, but I've told him he has to tell me the web link first.

Maybe its fortunate for us all that for the time being Buff remains a niche far off the beaten track.

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