Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sailing and boating on the BBC

There's a sailing program on the BBC this evening but I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not.

The problem is that the BBC hasn't got a good track record when it comes to the nautical. Where as French TV has regular shows about their maritime tradition, the Beeb seems to look down on such things.

Case in point is of course the ghastly coverage of the Diamond Jubilee Pageant while events such Round the Island and the Fastnet are ignored, plus the whole Three Men in a Boat yawn-fest.

But David Dimbleby’s Britain and the Sea is starting this evening and I'm open to giving it a try. On the plus side David's view of the coverage of the Pageant seems spot on:

I was very, very cross about that. I thought it was the worst-handled day of broadcasting from the BBC in some time. What I was particularly angry about was not the wittering on, but that the whole history of Britain’s seafaring was assembled, and all ignored.

However I fear a dumbing down for mainstream TV with the focus on side issues such as David's tattoo posted yesterday.

The BBC is also meant to have a pair of programs about the Clipper Round the World yacht race in the pipelines, which would be interesting.

But given this stream of stories (Fastnet, America's Cup, Dimbleby, Clipper, Boat Race etc etc) why oh why isn't there a maritime equivalent of "Countryfile" ?

Just as there's a regular series about our countryside, I think there should be a regular series on the BBC about our seas and waterways and the many activities that happen on them.

Not to forget of course Top Yacht.

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