Saturday, February 08, 2014

Vote for Natural Navigation

Time for a shameless plug for a friend's blog.

Tristan aka the Natural Navigator's blog is up for the Go Outdoors 2014 blog award and you can vote by heading over to this web page.

To give you a taste of what gems of navigation you can discover, check out this description of how cranes can be wind indicators, as suggested by, er, someone... another blogger maybe ..... look, it's not important who!


Tillerman said...

Whoever it was that told Tristan about the cranes it's a brilliant observation. I never knew that before.

I wonder... If the cranes are parked for the weekend, do they always point the same way? And, if so, which way? The latest wind? The prevailing wind? The forecast wind?

JP said...

I've been wondering about that. It might be that some are able to turn as the wind changes and some don't.

At least one of the ones I could see did change direction as the front came through. It would make sense to make them safe in the direction of the current wind before leaving them.

Where's a crane operator to ask questions to when you want one?