Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Another year's sailing

The nights are drawing in and the waters are getting colder. Summer's fine sailing days are past for another year and while the leaves are still green it feels like its time to get off the water and into the warmth indoors.

This year I've sailed the Solent, watched the Volvo in-port race at Portsmouth from an old two master, raced round the Isle of Wight with 1,500 other boats, helped deliver Selene from Lisbon to Gibraltar, and enjoyed a day with Emma Sanderson on the Volvo 60 Pindar.

It might not be the absolute end with a friend talking about chartering a boat in November and exploring the ports where pubs have live bands - places like Yarmouth and Poole. But its almost time to hang up the oilies with a "that's all folks" for another year.

But what about next year? I was talking to a friend last week who used to crew on J's till he discovered kite surfing - yup, flying through the water powered by a kite that can pull him 20 feet into the air.

It sounded amazing. So one of goals for next year is try something new. We've been planning a multi-generation family holiday to one of Sunsail's Turkish resorts, where there are a host of Laser's, RS, cats, day yachts, and much much more.

It has the name that has already got my nephew sniggering - Phokaia.

What are your plans?

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