Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Dolphin Video

Having got the YouTube account set up I'd thought I'd post you a little video of some dolphins we saw playing around the bow of our yacht as we sailed across the Celtic Sea last year during the Fastnet race in 2005.

It was wonderful - there were so many dolphins it actually got on the BBC. We were having a hard time drifting in the light winds so it was a great pick us up.



Moore #114 said...

It's such a great thing to see. We have Dalls Porpoise out here in Seattle. We see them 2 or 3 times a season.
Someday I'll have a camera on the boat although thats risking the camera as our boat is a wet ride.

Kate said...

That is SOO COOL!

JP said...

Hi pnw505 - sounds great! Big fan of seattle - I've been twice and once went up to the san juan islands to do a bit of whale watching - it was wonderful.

Also there was an earthquake one of the times I was there which was interesting.

Yes yachts more camera friendly than dinghies.