Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Clipper and the mysteriously invisible yachts

I enjoy a good ocean race, particularly one where someone else is doing all the hard work. So I've watched in the past the Whitbread, then the Volvo, Global Challenge, Vendee Globe and many others - and now its the turn of Clipper Round the World Yacht Race.

But I'm finding it a bit difficult to follow via their tracker (above). First up there are these timed legs where you don't know who's won until the end, and now a couple of the yachts are in stealth mode, where you don't know where they actually are.

In either case I have to wonder what's the point of checking out the viewer?

Imagine watching a football (trans. soccer) match where every now and then a player disappears:

Wayne Rooney is on the pitch but we have NO IDEA where as he is INVISIBLE

No, don't see how that would work either.

Ok maybe it makes it more exciting for the teams out there in the Pacific and to be honest they're the ones that have paid tens of thousands of pounds for the experience.

But it doesn't help armchair sailors feel involved. It's almost as if I might as well be working instead....


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