Monday, March 31, 2014

What's the connection puzzle?

This one's pretty obscure, but then that is what they call a "challenge" and timely given the boat race is next weekend.

What's the connection between offshore sailor and Olympic & Extreme Sailing Series commentator Hannah White (above with Lord Coe) and the Cambridge University Rowing Team (below, with a rowing team from some other university):
A clue for non locals would be that if you don't know the answer then get social with a tip from Pippa (below, with a chap with what looks like curtain trimmings glued to his suit):
And no, its nothing to do with goat racing.


Tillerman said...

That was easy..

Rowers are famous for liking beer and cycling.

Hannah White likes beer and cycling.


What's my prize?

JP said...

That's close but not what I have on my official card with "The Answer" on one side and the answer on the other.

What's more, it wasn't one of Pippa's top tips from boaties!

Tillerman said...

Tip #2 demo the CUBC crew gave Pippa was to head to the Grind Coffee Bar in Putney.

According to Hannah White's twitter feed she like to go there too. For example she went on 4 Dec 2012…

Lovely ride to Putney & back to see @DrCraigChiro @putneychiro - so worth the journey when you can stop @grindcoffeebar for a cheeky brew!

JP said...

Correct! It is clearly the place in Putney for boaties to get their coffee fix. For some reason I've never been: maybe its time to change that given that Hannah, Pippa and the CU rowing squad all give it their thumbs up.

Anyhow its clear that Tillerman is a lot better at solving my puzzles than I am at his.

Tillerman said...

LOL. I thought it might be your favorite coffee bar already. I bet Buff Staysail hangs out there too.

JP said...

You might not be surprised to hear that Buff prefers tip 5 on Pippa's list

O Docker said...

Watched last year's race from the green next to that pub. There were tents with pub grub and adult beverages, too. The pub itself was mobbed.

That may have been Buff I saw face down in the grass.

JP said...

That sounds like Buff - except when he goes swimming