Sunday, February 01, 2015

Blogging family heads into the NW passage

My eye keeps getting drawn north.

First I read Arctic Labyrinth all about the discovery of the NW passage, then I open up Yachting Monthly to read (again) about Sumara of Weymouth's trip to Jan Mayen, then I start my next book which is Bob Shepton's Addicted to Adventure which will end up with him - you guessed it - making the NW passage.

The eagle eyed will also spot that the blog roll delete after one year no-posts rule is on hold as the next to delete is "Northwest passage on a shoestring" which was a rather cool trip.

So I was very intrigued when read over on Windtraveler that blogging friends of theirs were planning on taking their family through the NW passage and looking for crew.

Oh my gosh.

Alas having been off sick there's a lot of work to catch up on and its really not a good time to head into the wildest parts of the world for months on end.


Anyhow I pinged off an email to wish Salty Kisses good luck plus listing my experience (in putting together Lego kits that is) and got a nice reply.

If you're interested and have the time drop them a line though I think they might have some candidates already.


Tillerman said...

That does soon like a wonderful opportunity for the right couple.

JP said...

I'm thinking Buff and Sassi probably aren't what they have in mind.