Saturday, February 28, 2015

Ming Ming II Talk at the Cruising Association

On Wednesday I managed to briefly escape work and headed east to the Cruising Association's HQ in London's Limehouse Basin for a talk by Roger Taylor about single handed high latitude sailing.

I've been wondering how to write up what he said given I'm still struggling work wise, but then the answer became clear.

In the first half of his talk he covered the voyages of the original Mingming - which he wrote up in two good books which I've already blogged about (for example, here)

In the second half of his talk (after an excellent dinner was served) he played the video of his voyages in Mingming 2 up to Bear Island and back via Jan Mayen - which you can watch for yourself (click above for sample).

To be honest I only re-watched for a few minutes but then got distracted by the latest update from S/v Delos:

Top tip for all sailing vloggers - this is the level of quality to aim for, with excellent shooting and editing.

I might even say Sweet!


Tillerman said...

The Delos four are good aren't they?

How do they manage to achieve such a high standard of video editing and production while sailing a yacht around the world?

Alden Smith said...

I hadn't seen this video. I have all of Roger Taylors books about Ming Ming and his first book 'Voyages of a Simple Sailor' which is of particular interest to a Kiwi such as myself as RT lived and worked here in New Zealand, built a small 19'ferro cement yacht called 'Roc' that he raced in the single handed yacht race from NZ to Australia - This first book is a great read, as are his later ones.

JP said...

Roger did indeed mention his time in Kiwi land and show photos of Roc. Apparently he was out racing in it and switched on the radio and heard a body had been washed ashore and it was thought to be him! (the full story might be in his books - I've only got the two later ones).

Tillerman: the quality of the Delos videos jumped up a lot after Karin and Josje join the crew though no doubt its a team effort. I keep wondering about the storage all the uncut video must require as my laptop is perpetually full simply with photos, music and documents. External HDs must be essential for them.