Sunday, March 27, 2016

Kevin wins the boat race!!

So it was a draw.

Oxford won the women's race and Cambridge won the men's race, honour all round on a day when choppy wind against tide almost resulted in the Cambridge women's boat sinking under Barnes Bridge.

For some reason the Cambridge men's boat was called Kevin (above).

In both cases the winning boat had the Surrey bank, important as the southerly side of the river had the best shelter from strong gusts from the SW.
In between the main races we caught a glimpse of Claire Balding as she zipped from the start to the end on her speed-boat:
Before the race started there was heavy rain, thunder and lightening, so crowds were a little down on normal:
But Kevin powered through to the win: go Kevin!!


Tillerman said...

I understand that the Cambridge boat was named in memory of Kevin Whyman , the winning cox in 1996 and 1997, who was the pilot killed in that crash at the air show last summer.

Tillerman said...

So Kevin has now won the Boat Race three times! Go Kevin!

JP said...

I thought there must have been a Kevin-Cambridge-rowing connection but didn't get as far as googling it.

Good for Kevin! (both the boat and the person)