Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Suit up, sailors!

Hi Guys,

OMG!! Sassi totally loves, loves, loves this vid!!! So cool and stylish!! Why don't all sailors wear suits, like, all the time!!

This is one for the fashionistas! Those shades! That car! The watch!

Holy COW that was high!!

Luv ya!



O Docker said...

I need a new suit, Sassi.

Any idea what brand Thomson wears? I looked for the name of a clothing sponsor in the video, but couldn't find one anywhere.

Sassi said...

I can tell you that 'cos I've spent, like, ages checking out this vid and its a brand called "GBR99".

Nope, I've never heard of them either!!! Must be why they spent sooooo much on this campaign.

I MUST get an outfit from them: GBR99, you are right at the top of my shopping list!!!