Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Picture Puzzle

The America's Cup in Bermuda being advertised in London over the weekend.

But what TWO events in London this weekend are linked to this image? Extra points for having been involved in either or describing in a word what was to be seen underneath this banner.


Tillerman said...

Well, that looks like Tower Bridge.

And the London Marathon runs over Tower Bridge and that was this weekend.

And I claim my extra points for having been "involved" in that one year - 2007 I think.

And another event this weekend was the Complete Walk, 37 specially-made 10 minute films about each of Shakespeare's plays being shown on 37 screens between Westminster Bridge and Tower Bridge.

JP said...

Correct * 2!

.... but what was the single word that described what was under the banner? (A clue would be that there are clues already posted as to what it should be)

Tillerman said...


JP said...

Correct! The screen nearest Tower Bridge was playing exerts from the Tempest, partly set in Bermuda, and it was that play that the last post from quoting from