Monday, October 24, 2016

Boats! Boats! Boats! ... in Geneva

Where are all the boats on this blog? you might well have been asking (or not).

So here are a few from a trip to Lake Geneva a few weeks ago. First up was from the small lakeside town of Morge with two yachts that looked like they thought they were racing but actually just drifting, but in the background something a bit more traditional. A spot of interwebbing suggested it is the Galère la Liberté out for an evening sail.

I spotted something similar off Geneva itself a few days later, in this case La Neptune:
In both cases they were rather a long way off and I didn't have the zoom lens. I could have waited for them to get closer but was hungry so went to get dinner.

After dinner Lake Geneva was generally empty apart from the river-busses shuttling back and forth, though the CGN old paddle steamers looked suitably "Belle Epoch":

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