Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Henry from Kraken & sailing to Svalbard

Also at London on Water and much more enjoyable and running a lot smoother was the talk by Henry from Kraken Travel about a trip to Norway and up to Svalbard.

If you don't know about them its worth checking out their web site to discover some of the most interesting sailing trips around, including some to those arctic destinations I do so love visiting.

I have actually booked one of their trips but won't say which as don't want to jinx it after last year's bad luck in getting sick at the wrong time.

Anyhow, lots of good stories from Henry about sailing and skiing including a hot tub at the top of a mountain which sounds just brilliant plus great photos (alas the one above has nasty reflection) but you can get an idea from this blog post.

Had fun just chatting about sailing to the far north and people we both either knew or had heard of.

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