Monday, May 14, 2018

The Tudor Pull: Gloriana, Stela and a photo-bombing heron

Over the weekend there was something called the Tudor Pull which is a one of those historic maritime pageants which us Brits seem to revel in (and I've posted about before).

It's an annual ceremonial for Thames Watermen's Cutters organised by the Traditional Thames Rowing Association, involving the Royal rowing barge Gloriana (above) and others (below) in which "the Stela will be given in to the custody of the HM Queen’s Barge Master to be transported under oars to HM Tower of London."

Stela according to this web site is "an ancient piece of medieval water pipe made from a hollowed-out tree trunk which symbolises the Thames". I so (to quote Sassi) want to have a look at that hallowed object sometime.

Anyhow, there was break on the voyage of Stela from Hampton Court to the Tower at Richmond timed just nicely for a spot of lunch and then everyone set off again.

In this case the photo managed also to snap a heron doing a flyby:

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