Thursday, July 05, 2018

Canal Walks: Alperton to Hayes

Key facts:

  • Start = Aplerton tube station
  • End = Hayes and Harlington train station
  • Distance = 14.3 km

After the rather uninspiring Little Venice to Alperton leg there was a bit of a pause before went off walking the canal again and this leg, onwards to Hayes, was a pleasant surprise.

It was a long leg but luckily a lovely spring day so really enjoyable walk which at times didn't feel like it was in London at all:

This part of the canal goes through several parks and so often had green spaces on either side, plenty of wildlife and less post-industrial decay. There was the green slow pace of a rural canal, not an urban industrial space:

It was also much less busy than other parts of the canal network in London:

The Paddington arm meets the main Grand Union Canal at the famous Bull's Bridge which looks unchanged since it was built, though traffic is now a lot less than it used to be:


Anonymous said...

BTW, It's Alperton stn. I used to live and play near there. I even put my tie on one morning near there, using the reflection of a car windscreen. Don't tell the missus, I was late for our wedding!

JP said...