Thursday, July 12, 2018

Tall ship at night, by Greenwich Old Naval College

This round of visit of tall ships to London seems a lot lower key than previous years. I really struggled to find web sites that gave the firework times and nothing about a parade of sail.

Visit Greenwich didn't seem to know (or were unwilling to say) when the fireworks were but I found the necessary information on the PLA's Notices To Mariners.

The fireworks too were a bit of a let-down, as early in the evening (so the sky not dark), not by Greenwich's Old Naval College but by Deptford Creek and with a whopping great cruise ship as foreground rather than any pretty tall ship:

Couple of factors seemed to be behind this, in particular the cruise ship company sponsoring the Greenwich Music Time being held actually in the Old Naval College meant the fireworks had to be moved elsewhere.

Given I really enjoyed the Noel Gallagher gig I can't really complain about this and did manage to snap one ship slip by (top picture) while listening to whoever was playing that night.

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