Sunday, February 28, 2021

America's Cup and New Zealand

So alas the Brits aka Team Multinational Chemicals Company won't be competing in the America's Cup.


However, to be honest, the Italian team aka fashion company did look more impressive.  But why?

These AC75s are incredibly advanced, including features that aren't on any yacht I've sailed, of which the foil is only the most visible. It can be hard to work out what is actually going on, where each team has an advantage, so I've been relying on those with more knowledge, in particular the Mozzy Sails YouTube channel.

Great analysis - thanks!

I'm looking forward to the America's Cup races starting - whenever. It was due to be next weekend but apparently its been delayed due to Covid.

Of course due to the time zones I won't be able to watch it live, which is a shame, though that is a double edged sword. During a telecon I was on last week I heard this plaintive comments from the New Zealand delegate: "Madam Chair, it is currently 3:40 in the morning here in New Zealand".


I'm ok with streaming it on YouTube: I can watch it over my morning coffee. 


Anonymous said...

I'm not really into sailing, but I watched these yachts for the first time and was astounded by their design and performance. But that Airbus crash! Wow, guillotined hull from an internal structure, how did that design happen? NZ has some of the best composite fabricators in the world (out of this world even, look at NZ's RocketLab that capitalises on that great example of sport technology spinning off into aerospace, or perhaps it was the other way around? But I digress.) I'm sure the Airbus team will bounce back.

JP said...

Agree, astonishing to watch and great tech. Interesting about RocketLab - the NZ America's Cup team has a lot of experience working with carbon fibre and composites so must be a NZ strength

What happens next is a bit TBD as rules can change between rounds - which is one way it is legally different from Formula 1, though Airbus has been involved in multiple series so hopefully will be involved in more