Monday, April 27, 2009

The Annual Antigua Ritual

I have this annual Antigua week ritual. Ok so far its only been two years in a row but that's still more years than Alinghi claimed was annual for the America's Cup challenger.

Anyhow it goes like this:

January: wander around the London Boat Show wondering what sailing will do this year. End up at the various sailing companies stands where over glass of champagne mention have been thinking of doing the Antigua week. Salesman gets very excited and hands out brochures and get contact details

February: said salesperson rings up and asks whether still interested, adding that two young Australian women have just signed up if that will influence my decision (for the last two years in both cases it was two Australian women). Look out of window at cold, dark, wet London streets and dream of sunny skies and sailing around the Caribbean with bikini wearing Australian women.

March: cold reality, bank accounts and business distract me from this vision

April: check out Yachting World web site and go OMG it's Antigua week already and decide that really, really will get organised next year!

At least this year I did actually see Antigua (above). But unfortunately was at 39,000 feet on my way to Caracas and so little details could be seen.

Next year! (er....maybe)


O Docker said...

It's those little dreams that get us through the darkest hours.

I remember one magic sail in the BVI, reaching up to Virgin Gorda, hard on the wind with everything buttoned down tight, our little boat screaming along rail down through the aquamarine bubbles disappearing astern.

I must have filed that moment away in some part of the hard drive that never crashes. Whenever things seem to be closing in, in an unavoidable way, I close my eyes and I'm on that boat again in the warm sun.

JP said...

Sounds a great moment - one to treasure.

A bit like me up the Orinoco Delta a month ago - can still picture that night sky.

Life's all about creating memories like that

Greg and Kris said...

Twist my arm and I'm there.

JP said...

Me too ;)