Sunday, April 26, 2009

Another vaguely nautical music video

Feeling a bit smashed this evening after a weekend paddling and sailing on the Thames (maybe should say in the river given the ducking we got after our Lark got hit by one of those gusts that come from no where) plus biking up and down to Barnes and Hammersmith plus a walk this afternoon plus cooking plus....

So rather than the post originally was going to give you, here is another vaguely nautical music video. Unfortunately the yacht is only shown for a short time and even though it has coffee grinders (which is always impressive looking) they never seem to raise the main sail (which is not at all impressive).

I'm afraid there is lots of padding involving someone driving a car and young people dancing around in beachwear - sorry about that, hope you don't mind too much.

Now off to put feet up for a bit.


Greg and Kris said...

I likey.

JP said...

Glad you liked it :)