Saturday, April 18, 2009

Picture Puzzle Photo Clue

For the natural navigators working on the picture puzzle posted previously, here is a photo clue.

Taken around the same time as the other photo it shows just two trees but all of them and in isolation.

Its harder to get navigational information from just two tree, unlike an avenue. Again it was taken on another cloudy London day, so hopefully no short cuts :)

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Carol Anne said...

The branching habits of the trees indicates they're the same species. Assuming they're not significantly different subspecies, the one on the left hasn't leafed out as much as the one on the right, so the one on the left has not had as much sun or warmth.

The photo this time indicates an urban environment, which complicates things. The tree on the left could be in the shadow of a building that doesn't affect the tree on the right -- or at least doesn't affect it as much.

I'm thinking the photographer is facing north. If the photographer were facing south, both trees would be equally affected by the building behind them. If the photographer were facing east or west, the sun, which would be coming primarily from the south, would be from the right or left and would affect both trees roughly equally.

But if the photographer is facing north, there could be a building behind the photographer that casts its shadow more on the tree on the left than on the tree on the right.