Thursday, April 16, 2009

Piracy or Blockade?

So you're a terror of the seas, heading out onto the ocean seeking adventure, barrel loads of gold coins and for your pockets to be heavy with pieces of eight, but don't know how? Well what you want is a trusted source such as this blog to give a bit of career advice.

Obviously the first bit of advice is to mend your wicked ways and retire to an honest life of toil on land, but if that very sensible and true words of wisdom somehow do not hit the spot, read on.

Today we received an email from a Mr. L. J. Silver who asks "Should I follow my current career of piracy or change to the blockading line of business?"

Well Mr. L. J. Silver, that is a good question and we must analyse it properly, looking at it from the angles of reward, working conditions, and fringe benefits.

1. Rewards

Recent research has indicated that the rewards of piracy can indeed be good. If you look at this report here you will see that Somali pirates are currently getting between $1 and $3 million a go - not a bad hawl for a an old sea cook like yourself!

However don't be hasty in your decision, as this report here shows that blockading can be profitable too - this report shows how French fisherman won themselves even more than that - a whopping 4 million Euros!

With the current exchange rates that's over $5million - so its round one to blockading.

2. Working Conditions

It must be admitted that working conditions as a pirate off Somalia have not been that good recently with increasing naval activity from countries such as France, Britain, and the United States. Indeed several pirates have lost their lives due to rescue operations from France and the US in recent days.

However the blockaders have been left alone to do their business and are able to go home to sleep in their own beds in the evening, possibly dropping in for a vin rouge on the way. And the Government rather than fighting invites you in for talks with unlimited coffee and buscuits!

Round two to blockading.

3. Fringe benefits

This is where piracy strikes back: recent studies as reported by JP showed that its rewards includes some that mere blockading can not bring. Says this Somali of the pirates: "They wed the most beautiful girls; they are building big houses; they have new cars; new guns"

Alas French fishermen at this point look downcast and agree they can not counter this argument. Round 3 to the yo ho ho brigade.


Well Mr L. J. Silver, I hope this detailed analysis has been helpful.

Our research has shown that blockading brings greater rewards and better working conditions, though lower fringe benefits.

It might well be that a change of career could be in order!

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