Wednesday, April 08, 2009


This evening I'm kicking myself. The local canoe club changed the date of the weekday Thames paddle to this evening because of the Easter weekend. But the weather forecast was for not just rain but "heavy rain", which wouldn't have been much fun.

However the meteorologists yet again got it wrong as it was a lovely evening and it would have been fantastic to be out on the river.

Now the evenings are getting longer and the walk home is now in daylight - unlike in the tropics where the sets like clockwork, almost the same time every day, as in the photo above.

As we drifted in the middle of the Orinoco river watching it sink behind the palm trees, I turned to the back of the boat where the Warao guide sat to see he was also taking pictures - on his mobile (cell) phone!

We exchanged smiles - people really are the same the world over.


Carol Anne said...

Now that is an awesome sunset. The vegetation does something special.

JP said...

It was a lovely sunset :)

It was a good thing had digital camera as kept thinking ooh, now it looks even better, and ended up taking dozens of photos of the sunset and just afterwards (which was kinda neat too as the moon was out, the sky slightly pink and there were all these parrots flying around)

Katinka said...


ps( giggling that the Warao guide had a cell phone handy - brings to mind a wonderfully incongruous image!)

JP said...

Yes - it was a bit like seeing a satellite TV dish in their huts!!