Wednesday, November 04, 2009

The view from Baku

This was once considered one of the Seven Seas: it is the Caspian as seen from Baku in Azerbaijan.

To be precise it's the view from the Maiden Tower which I've just come down from, having done the Lonely Planet walking tour in reverse. In case anyone is wondering that's means beginning at the end point and finishing at the start point, not walking backwards!

More to come, but there is a work related point to this trip, so maybe not straight away.


Annie said...

You must have been obeying International Code Flag 'R' - the instruction that the course to be sailed should be reversed, i.e. competitors should go to the last mark first and all marks originally to be rounded to starboard should be rounded to port and vice versa!

Carol Anne said...

You know, as much as you travel, you could be a great help in my goal of world domination.

No, I'm not an aspiring Bond movie villain; I just want, at some point, to have among the most recent 100 visitors to my blog, at least one visitor from each of the world's 24 time zones. So far, my record is 17.

If you're always going to all of these far-flung places, then maybe, just maybe, if you visit my blog while you're in some exotic spot, you might make the final piece of the time-zone puzzle. Or at least, you might contribute to setting a new record.

BTW, I've been curious about what line of work you're in that you get to travel all over the world. Or does MI6 frown on making that information public?

JP said...

Thanks Annie, good to have a post-event explanation. Mine was something boring like the hotel was located at the end of guide book suggested walk.

Carol Anne - hopefully I've managed to give you a few Baku hits. My work is alas not as glamorous as that involving software and consultancy.

Though how do I know you are Carol Anne - it might be another blogger impersonating you?

The Carol Anne I know is currently trying to write 50,000 words so would she have time to post comments on a blog?

Pat said...

Carol Anne is actually about a day ahead on her NaNoRiMo word count, so she hasn't given up the luxury keeping up with the blog-o-sphere. There's already been one sex scene in Murder at the Sports Desk.

Carol Anne said...

I have noticed that my visits from Eastern Europe are up.

And, Pat, it's actually now two sex scenes. I just can't keep my characters out of the bedroom.

JP said...

Murders and sex scenes..... I'll look out for it at the airport under blockbuster!