Friday, November 20, 2009

Scoop from our source in the Caucasus!

As a leading blog this writer is often approached by those with a story that needs a wider audience. All too often alas this involves the supply of suspiciously cheap pharmaceuticals from Canada.

But sometimes there's a hot tip, a story that needs to be revealed, and we are willing to break the unpleasant truth to the world - to campaign for what is right and fight what is wrong.

According to a source which contacted the blog recently but who wishes to remain anonymous, there are plans to develop the idylic surroundings around the holy Tsminda Sameba Church with apartments!

This project is clearly the work of corrupt officials supported by the Russian Mafia and we must at all costs make sure they don't find out the name of our contact.

Fortunately I on principle would never reveal whether he came from East or West Coast America, let alone whether he Bee a blogger, and certainly not hint about docks and letters somewhere between N and P.

Keep sending in those scoops - while you still can!

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