Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The "Love and Sailing" non post

Ah, the romance of sailing!

Anchoring in some isolated coral atoll where there are no lights apart from the fireflies ashore, chink of champagne on ice, bbq on the beach, stars overhead, warm water, skinny dipping and comfy bunks for just you and your loved one....

Nope, never happened, sorry Tillerman.

Now of course there is the tale of [deleted] which was very amusing and how could I forget about when [deleted] and [deleted] which was rather steamy..... but that's some one else story, and they might not be too pleased to have it blogged.

So alas guys it's not going to happen - will just have to blog something posted earlier for what I think was a Carol Anne inspired group writing exercise.

Recycling may not be romantic but it is not just environmentally friendly but also work overload friendly!


tugster said...

you've inspired tugster to face tillerman's challenge. thanks . . . posting it soon

Tillerman said...

It never happened for me either. But I'm going to write about why it didn't happen.

Go for it tugster...

JP said...

Looking forward to reading your post tugster!

Tillerman, yes, that is probably a good subject for a post. Watch this space.