Thursday, July 29, 2010

Yo ho ho and a bottle of £ 600 rum?

On the 31st July 1970 the Royal Navy toasted goodbye to it's daily ritual of the tot of rum, on what it called "Black Tot Day".

Forty years on the remains of that last consignment of Royal Navy rum are up for sale at a staggering £ 600 per bottle (ok, technically on sale for £ 599 at this site, but shipping is £5 so a spot of rounding seemed sensible).

Tasting notes, to be found on the main site here, use phrases like:

The Nose Initial treacle notes precede dark chocolate with super-ripe black fruits, muscovado sugar & walnuts. A drop of water releases notes of black banana, liquorice root, tamarind paste with an exotic edge of balsamic.

However I'm going save myself that £ 600 odd by going direct to the dark chocolate, black fruits, muscovado sugar, walnuts, banana and balsamic, all of which I have stashed away in cupboards at home.

After all that's the price of an Apple iPad or iPhone 4!


Tillerman said...

I love dirk rum.

my2fish said...

quite frankly, that's a better deal than spending $650-$900 for
"the end of history" beer encased in a squirrel carcass.

O Docker said...

I've heard of noir fiction and film noir, but is there now rum noir?

This must be the ultimate choice for making a Dark and Stormy.

Baydog said...

I love babas au rhum.
I love Baba O'Reilly.
But you can get a bottle of Ron Rico Rum for about 12 bucks.

Tillerman said...

I love Dork and Stormies.

JP said...

And I like the odd Mojito, but not enough to spend £600 on the rum for it!

Tillerman: I heard a rum toddie very good for colds ;)

Pat said...

Dork rum doesn't sound quite so great.

Baydog said...

I like mojitos, even, but not enough to spend the odd 600# on the rum for one.