Thursday, July 01, 2010

Blogs & Spies

I was reading an article on The Register about the alleged Russian spy ring unearthed by the FBI recently, including Anna Chapman (above). It claims they communicated using "steganography".

According to Wikipedia this involves hidden messages in open text or pictures that can be in plain view. And one example of this is leaving comments on blogs!

Golly! So those might be harmless comments about the yacht on the Thames. Or they might be instructions by an evil-doer (no doubt stroking a white cat with one hand) to let loose the sharks to attack humble kayakers on the Thames (i.e. me).

But how to spot these fiends? What clues would they leave? Maybe one should look for a poster that comments a lot and then decides later on to have his own blog as a cover story.......

Keep your eyes open, fellow bloggers!


Tillerman said...

Good catch. Could it be that his supposed occupation (spending all his time doing maintenance on his boat on O Dock in Berkeley Marina) is just a cover? After all, another famous blogger who frequents the same marina has never seen him.

O Docker said...

Uh thanks, JP, that reminds me I need to post something new on my blog before people start wondering what I've been up to.

The new netbook, BTW, has been working out very well for me - especially the Wi-Fi.

The black knight rides at midnight if skies are gray over Cherbourg.

White sails on the Thames.

JP said...

And I'm very pleased with my iPad - have you gone the iPhone4 yet? I'm holding off for a bit while this antenna thing gets sorted one way or the other.

A friend of mine says that a friend of hers knows one of the alleged spies.... so I'll pass on the message about the black night rising over Paris or what ever it was.

O Docker said...

We opted to have the iPhone shipped, so won't be getting it for another few weeks.

The user reports online seem to say the fix for the antenna bug is using a case - like the Apple 'bumper'.

It's incredible they could have missed a design flaw like that, especially with the to-do Jobs made about the 'amazingly great new antenna' in his rollout demo.

He makes a big deal about how no one has ever before made the antenna part of the external case. I guess now we know why.

Baydog said...

I'm still using the iDixie cups attached with string and they suit me just fine. Restaurants still get angry with me when I use them in the dining room. Get with it, I say. You got rid of the payphone, what else am I supposed to do?