Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The truth is out there

A couple of days ago I posted Buff Spaceman's report on the "Spontaneous Crystalline DHMO Alien Sculpture Phenomena" or SCDASP in which he went on to suggest a link between SCDASP with the North Star, saying it was "the focus on an ongoing investigation."

Imagine my surprise when I read on the interwebby thing that NASA, as part of the SETI project, transmitted a message towards Polaris!

Spooky or what.

More on the search for ET in a great BBC4 documentary about the Drake Equation to be found on iPlayer here.

I was going to post a link to the Natural Navigator's puzzle about the picture above (basically asking what's wrong with it) but was too busy so the answer has already been supplied, by, err, me.

Anyhow, head over there so you can say "I could have told you that!"

Then you will see how these two stories are connected.


Tillerman said...

I suppose I should get around to learning what all these different buoy shapes mean one day. I had no idea that was a south cardinal or even what that means until I just looked it up.

In a similar vein, where I was sailing last week there is a nice red buoy with an unusual shape in a quiet part of the bay. I have been using it for mark rounding practice for many years. Someone told me on Sunday that it marks a rock. Oops!

O Docker said...

I think the experts at the BBC have answered their own question, JP.

It should be clear why other civilizations in the universe are not trying to contact us.

The first of our signals to reach them would have been 1950's TV.

Baydog said...

They're still not trying, due to the latest signals we're sending. What is tuna anyway?

JP said...

Tillerman: I confess I have problem with race flags. I mean if the start is delayed 10 minute, like, just text me already.

O'Docker & Baydog: its worse than that - the first signals they'd pick up would be 1930s TV, including certain transmissions from Germany :(

Lets just say Jersey Shore is the least of our problems!

Baydog said...

Speak for yourself, JP!!!