Wednesday, December 29, 2010

JP's review of 2010

It's the end of another year and time for another review of the wonderful world of blogging sailing and kayaking.

But it was also the year that JP joined the dark side, doing a power boat course, blasting through central London at 20 knots, going under Tower Bridge and through the Thames Barrier - cool!

It was a year of thrills, with the space age race between multi-hulls at the America's Cup, won by the BMW Oracle that looked as fast, thrilling and impracticable as a Lamborghini.

In May and June slowed down a bit for a trip up the Thames on a chartered motor boat, where I learned that lambs are navigational hazards.

But pulses hit new heights when first I found a gun up Beverly Brook and then got hit on the head by a boom when sailing at the Fowey Classics Regatta. But on a plus side had some thoughts about photographing the sailing experience.

After a quick break putting the feet up reading "The Swoop" watched some sailing away for the wrong reasons and some for the right reasons.

Finally British scientists discovered Winter!

Tomorrow: our good friend Buff on his 2010.


Greg and Kris said...

Hey, Cap'n. No London for us this year, but potential for a keelboat is much closer! I hope all is well. Aloha!

greg and kris

Tillerman said...

What a fascinating collection of posts and on such a wide variety of topics. I think that's the reason I enjoy your blog so much, the variety. O Docker had better look to his laurels; if you keep this up you might win Best in Show next year!

By the way, I think a couple of your links are messed up. "Swoop" goes to the "wrong reasons" post and "wrong reasons" goes to "right reasons". I bet you were just testing us to see if anyone was really clicking on all the links, right?

JP said...

Greg and Kris: sorry not to see you this winter but looking forward to hearing good news about your keelboat!

Tillerman: double thanks!

Actually must confess was doing the wiring up bit with half an eye on this year's Royal Institute's Christmas Lectures in which there was an experiment on the melting point of crystals involving chocolate in which viewers were invited to join in and so was slightly distracted.

It was such a good experiment I am repeating it today.