Wednesday, December 08, 2010

No snow when you want it

This week is my one and only overseas trip of 2010, to Geneva.

I certainly miss the 2009 excitement of Venezuela, Baku and Georgia, but there is one thing that Geneva offers that these exotic destinations lack, which is the chance to go skiing.

All that you need is snow, and guess what there's been a lot of recently?

Alas the weather gods continue to toy with us mortals, with bad fog delaying the take off from London and heavy rain washing away the snow on arrival.


Did someone mention Hawaii?


Joe said...

Ah yes, Hawaii. Do they serve Mai Tais in the hotel bar?

O Docker said...

When life gives you lemons, JP, make a lemon mojito.

You will probably not be at all encouraged to learn that the UN Conference on Climate Control is now underway in Cancun.

JP said...

A mojito or mai tai does indeed sound very good ideas and there's no need to fly around the world the order one.

But I think I've done with conferences for this year!