Saturday, May 19, 2012

Book Review: The Pirates! In an adventure with Scientists

Arrrrrrhhh me hearties!!!

Yeh have heard me tell of yon Pirate Captain, arrrahhh! that yeh have! Here he be in print, shiver my timbers, aye, timber, that is where paper comes from, that it does!!

This be the yarn of the Pirate Captain and his adventures with that scurvy crew of his (alas, a little more lime and there'd a few more of 'em left alive, poor souls).

There's be much tales of ham, puking, walking the plank, fair wenches, scientists, sailing the seven seas, wondering what the seven seas are, arrhhh, that there be.

Of course there be high adventure, battling that double crossing son of a gun Black Bellamy and that land lubber, the evil Bishop of Oxford, arrhhh! So listen up good, Jim me lad!

Two cutlasses up for this pieces of eight filled treasure story!!

And ye salty son's of Neptune, remember - if in doubt, do what the Pirate Captain does, and end every conversation with an arrrahh!


Picture from: Amazon


bonnie said...

Just saw the movie last week, now I want ALL the books!

JP said...

Me too!