Thursday, May 24, 2012

Diamond Jubilee Top Tip

I was thinking of getting the iPad app The Thames: London's Crown Jewel but it only got 2 out of 5 stars on the Telegraph's tech column.

Not having bought it I save myself £ 1.99 but am unable to say whether that is a fair review or not.

All is not lost, as instead I suggest you make your way over to the BBC for their interactive section on the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Thames Pageant where they show:

  • the route
  • music barges
  • moored boats
  • recreation boats
  • working boats
  • historic boats
  • lead boats

Boats it mentions includes the Matthew of Bristol, Suhaili, the Golden Hinde, many narrowboats, some Thames barges, the Alaska, fireboats, HSL-102, lifeboats, Dunkirk little ships, Cutters, Cornish pilot, racing gigs, skiffs, longboats, gondolas, lifeboats, kayaks, dragon boats, shallops, a Viking longboat and of course Gloriana.

Well worth heading over and having a look.


Turinas said...

This is going to spectacular. I wish I could be there

Tillerman said...

I appreciate all your efforts reporting the Jubilee to us expat Brits who won't be there to celebrate it.

JP said...

It does sound great but I won't be there either.

Luckily Buff has volunteered to fill the gap.

Mark said...

Good afternoon,

Just a quick email as I noticed you had a great feature on the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant; the Thames Jubilee Pageant Infographic and map from can be embedded (for free) and thought you might want to include it in your article:

Have a great day

Mark Tilley

JP said...

Hi Mark, thanks for that looks great.

I've added it the list in the most recent post